Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Overall Notes on my 2019 Blog Posts

This year, I have focused on a mix of topics that relates to my own work as well as testing my genomic sequence from various companies.  For example, I think this collection of blog posts most directly relates to my work experiences and this collection of blog posts most directly relates to my own genomics data (but not directly related to what I have produced at work).  There were also many other posts, so those should not be thought of as exhaustive collections (for example, comparison of my data using precisionFDA was not among the other collection of blog posts, since it had an earlier public post date, and my set of post-publication review notes was also separate).

As implied from my most recent blog post, I also haven't determined if there may exist a point where I may need to either find a different support mechanism or gradually transition out of my current job, but that is the sort of thing that I am trying to figure out (and I could very much use some help).

The posts about other genomics results (not related to work) are meant to emphasize the possible broader impacts (they are less relevant to my individual future path, but I think they have equal or greater importance for other people).

In other words, I am trying to understand and contribute to discussions about some difficult problems, but I apologize that these public discussions may leave some people with an impression that is not completely positive.  So, for the work-related side, I want to make clear that I very much support City of Hope as a community and organization, and I am very grateful for their help.  Accordingly, I expect that internal and external discussions can help with further improvements.

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10/15/2019 - public post date

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