Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Bioinformatics 101: Image Analysis

Microscopy Image Analysis / Visualization:

  • ImageJ - NIH image viewer and analysis tool
    • Fiji - Fiji Is Just ImageJ
      • ImageJ wrapper containing a number of plug-ins for advanced analysis
  • Cell Profiler
  • Cell Profiler Analyst
    • tool for high-throughput image analysis
  • LSM Image Viewer
    • free software to view .lsm images
    • more advanced software is commercially available

Medical Images:

  • MicroDicom - Open-Source program to view DICOM files; worked as an alternative solution to viewing a CD from a hospital (at least for my own files)
    • Tutorial to export images in more common format (JPEG)
      • You can remove the text from your medical records by unchecking "Show annotations" and then selecting the "Without overlay" radio button
      • I also increased the JPEG files to 100% quality for my files

General Tools
  • Inkscape
    • open-source version of Adobe Illustrator
    • Useful for creating figures for papers


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